Home Quarters & Friends, Inc.

Awesome Activists, Advocates, Clergy, Leaders, Residents Volunteering to Help, Improve, Save Our Community. 
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(Hablamos Espanol)

Home Quarters & Friends (HQF) is a Bilingual Nonprofit Community & Faith Based Company Dedicated to Helping Our Communities in Different Aspects of Life. Services Include But Not Limited:

Coordinate & Present:


  • ID Theft
  • Credit
  • Children Safety & No-Danger Activities
  • Holistic Health
  • Resume Packages

Quarterly Meetings:

  • Upcoming Events
  • Crime Statistics
  • Community Epidemic
  • Connecting to Reduce the Violence
  • National Night Out Prayer & Song Walk
  • Seasonal Unity Day

Consistent Community Activities:

  • Workshops
  • Meetings
  • Events
  • Prayer Walks
  • Peace Walks
  • Clean Ups
  • Homeless Feedings
  • Drug & Alcohol Recovery Outreach
  • Reduce the Violence
  • Education
  • Family & Household Resources
  • Health Promotion

Quarterly or Annual Activities:

  • 1st Responder Appreciation Day
  • National Night Out Prayer & Song Walk
  • Seasonal Unity Day
  • Christmas Unity with Our Homeless
  • Fundraising

Asteria Vives, Leader, Activist, Outreach, 25PDAC
Charito Morales, Nurse, Activist
Pastor Clarence Hester, 25PDAC
Debra Colbert, Resident, Community Supporter
Minister Greg James
Minister Lynne Galloway
Pablo Mateo, Town Watch Director, 25PDAC
Steve Horton, Business Owner
Minister Valerie James

You may contact Home Quarters & Friends at