Nix & Nix Event Venue

1525 West Dauphin Street

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19132

Ms. Vives, General Manager

  • Photos and videos posted on social media by others are not provided or discussed by our office. Scheduling for a tour for a reservation is recommended.  
  • Reservations require deposits. One-through-five consistent monthly payment plan is available immediately after the required deposit; depending on the date of the event. 
  • Balances are paid as scheduled. If the event is within two months, the balance is due no less than 31 days prior to the scheduled event. All balances are paid prior to 31 days of scheduled events. 
  • Scheduled events may be reopened to the public if a payment plan is broken and/or no further contact has been made with the manager. Prior payments may be forfeited thereafter.

August 30, 2019